Winter Camp IFK Belgium 2016

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Venue :               


Molenstraat 62, 2460 Kasterlee, België

Arrival :

Check-in on Friday 19/02/2016 from 1915 hrs in hostel WADI.

Parking :

Parking area is nearby the pavilions (parking 3)

Buildings :

Hostel WADI.

Rooms will be assigned. Showers and toilet are provided in every room.

A mattress, a blanket and a pillow is provided, you must bring your own bed linen (possibly sleeping bag).

The cafeteria and restaurant are adjacent, near the sports hall. The cafeteria is opened between 1200 and 1400 hours and in the evening from 2100 hours to end??

There is lighting on the domain, but that is rather limited. A flashlight could be usefull.

The night’s rest of the other groups in the domain must be respected between 2200 and 0800.

The hostel must be vacated on Sunday, no later than 1900 hrs.

Clothing :

2 dogi.

Shin pads, gloves, …

Running shoes and outdoors clothing are required.

If possible 1 pad for every participant

Schedule :          

Friday                     first training at 2000 hrs (outside)

                                  grading at 2000 hrs

 Saturday                warming up from 0700 untill 0745 hrs (outside)

                                   kihon & kata from 0930 untill 1130 hrs (outside)

                                   lunch from 1200 untill 1300 hrs

                                   kihon & kata from 1400 untill 1700 hrs (outside)

 Sunday                   warming up from 0700 untill 0745 hrs (outside)

                                  kumite training from 0930 untill 1130 hrs (sports hall)

                                  lunch from 1200 untill 1300 hrs

                                  randori  from 1400 untill 1700 hrs (sports hall)

The training schedule can be adjusted according to necessities.

The training will take place outside or in the gym, as indicated above.

Pay attention to the weather (rain – cold) and the wooded area (sandy soil).

The sports hall is shown on the plan (top) and is about 10 minutes walk from the pavilions. There are changing rooms available in the sports hall (the left is for the ladies, the right side is for the men). It is advised to change in th changing rooms to keep your dogi clean.

Departure :

Check-out on Sunday 21/02/2016, after finishing the last training session.

The hostel is the latest to be abandoned at 1900 hrs. 

Age :                   

From 12 years old.

Cost :                  

115 euro for the whole weekend.

The cost includes all training, accommodation and meals (no meals on Friday and Sunday evening).

Daily price of 35 euros for Saturday or Sunday.

This price includes training in the morning (0930 – 1130 hours), lunch and training in the afternoon (1400 – 1700 hours).

Deviations from the planned stay is possible, please contact for this contact Shihan Benny considering the cost price will be dependent on the timing of arrival / departure and consumed meals.

However, it goes without saying that we would like to welcome you all weekend!

Payment :

We would like to receive payments grouped by dojo. Please mention the name of your dojo and the number of participants when transferring your registration fee.

 We would like to receive your payment (full amount) before January 30, 2016 on the account of

                            Sutani Dojo VZW, Paalstraat 246, 2900 Schoten

                            IBAN : BE20 3200 2577 1556

                            BIC : BBRUBEBB

Registration :

Please use the attached form for registration.

Your participation is recorded only upon receipt of the full amount and no later than January 30, 2016.

Contact – for more information, registration forms and plan venue:

Shihan Benny Geluykens,

Sutani Dojo, IFK Belgium.


tel:     0032 473 828231